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Established in 1981, our agency has serviced the state of Florida employees and their families through payroll deduction for supplemental life insurance: individual as well as group. Because we believe that Service is Our Best Policy, our goal is to provide personalized service to each and every client. Although a majority of our clients are state employees, we also represent many independent businesses and individuals throughout the state of Florida.

Supplemental Insurance for Your Peace of Mind

At Richard Smith and Associates Inc., we sell supplemental insurance above and beyond your state insurance. Ask yourself ? Do you have enough coverage? We believe the answer is an additional insurance policy, for that added sense of security for your family’s future. 

 Service is Our Best Policy -by Richard Smith

At Richard Smith & Associates,

our goal is to provide professional insurance sales and service to Florida residents and businesses. Based in Tallahassee, Florida, our insurance agents want to make every interaction a positive experience for our customers.

We Offer a Broad Range of Investments and Insurance Products

From our family to yours; We’re here to help make life go right, recover from the unexpected, and help you realize your dreams.

We are a family-based insurance agency right outside the heart of Tallahassee. We are eager to become Florida’s premier insurance agency. Let us protect what’s important to you, today!


Personalize Your Journey

We will tailor your coverage based on your needs. We will thoroughly explain all your options and provide a lifetime support. Don’t wait any longer to get the protection you need for yourself and family.

Explore Your Coverage Options

When it comes to life insurance, there are many options to choose from. Each is structured differently and appeal to different clients depending on their situation. We take the time to understand your needs and help you select the best option.

Plan a Secure Future

During life’s uncertainties leave your family with a guaranteed financial future. Whether you are covering yourself for final expenses or planning for your children’s future education and your retirement, don’t leave the future unplanned. Reach out to us and make an informed decision.




Here are a few types of investment strategies we utilize :

  • Life Insurance: Life insurance is designed to provide financial security for relatives of the deceased, most commonly spouses and children. If you support someone with your income or your time and they won’t be able to provide that support for themselves without you, then you need life insurance.
  • Fixed-Annuities: Fixed-Annuities can be structured according to a wide array of details and factors, such as the duration of time that payments from the annuity can be guaranteed to continue.
  • Disability Coverage: An insurance product that provides supplementary income in the event of an illness or accident resulting in a disability that prevents the insured from working at their regular employment. Benefits are usually provided on a monthly basis so that the individual can maintain their standard of living and continue to pay their regular expenses.

What is Medicare Advantage? Members get their care from a network of doctors and hospitals A Medicare Advantage plan is a private health insurance plan approved by Medicare. You may opt to get your Part A, B and D benefits from a Medicare Advantage plan instead of traditional Medicare. Originally called Part C, these Medicare private insurance plans

The three main components of the life insurance contract are a death benefit, a premium payment and, in the case of permanent life insurance, a cash value account.

These days, however, people are living longer. Its not unusual for someone retiring at age 65 to live to age 90 or longer. You may need to plan for your nest egg to potentially last 25 to 30 years.

Earns a guaranteed rate of interest for a set period of time.
Principal and interest are guaranteed by the financial strength of the insurance company that issues it.

Offers employees an excellent opportunity to purchase Term Life Insurance for self, spouse and children on a payroll deduction basis.   View our short video that answers questions you may have about Voluntary Group Term Life insurance.   Group Term Life Plan Features: Incremental coverage from $10,000 to $500,000 for employees and spouses Guaranteed issue amounts


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Upcoming open enrollments for employees for the State of Florida and Leon County Government

Open Enrollment Period 04/01/18-05/31/18
Open Enrollment Period 04/01/18-05/31/18
Open Enrollment Period 04/01/18-05/31/18
Open Enrollment Period 04/01/18-05/31/18

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For nearly half a century, Richard Smith & Associates Inc, has been providing personal and business insurance services throughout the Tallahassee area and the state of Florida. We know that cost can be a concern, so we will present you with quotes that are marketplace competitive.


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We know that cost can be a concern, so we will present you with quotes that are marketplace competitive.

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