What Happens in Term Vs Whole Life Insurance?

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What Happens in Term Vs Whole Life Insurance?

   Term vs Whole Insurance If you are confused and want to know what’s the difference between term and whole life insurance you are in the right place. Knowing the difference is important because that pertains to your family’s protection. Choosing one type of insurance or another affects your financial life greatly too. That can

Annual Renewable Term Insurance Policy Explained

  “Though least suggested, an annual renewable term insurance (ART) policy is sometimes worth it if fits your situation.”  What Is an Annual Renewable Term Insurance Policy? A term life insurance policy is a scheduled life insurance program— you get protection for a particular period of time. The protection comes in the shape of a

Do You Really Need Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance?

  No matter how insistent a life insurance company agent may be, he cannot always help you get a policy. A life insurance policy is not a pay-take-and-go product. You need to qualify to buy yourself one. Else your application gets declined and this literally happens to many. But when all doors close behind you,

American Income Life Insurance Company Review: Good or Bad [Solved]

  Purchasing life insurance is not fun. Unless you are coaxed into buying protection for your family or dependents, a lot of things should go in between your decision to buy and really buying your insurance. You probably think of shopping around to get better, if not the best, rates. That obviously needs you to

New York Life Insurance Honestly Reviewed

While we would ask you to decide for yourself whether you should go with this company or not, we would confidently like to say they stand out of the bunch when it comes to insurance.We think staying for 173 years in the market surviving all its volatilities is one of the biggest credits they should

Is VUL the Right Choice for Your Life Insurance?

VUL, extendedly speaking, variable universal life insurance is a popular type of whole life insurance that typically  gives permanent protection to your heirs. But mere popularity isn’t what you should choose it for. In fact, you need to give a good consideration to it and make sure you know what you’re doing before buying it.

18 Evangelical Benefits of Life Insurance

  Are There Any Benefits of Life Insurance?  Before you give the issue a complete shrug off, having several minutes to think over the benefits of life insurance  may not be a very bad idea. After all, the insurance is on life itself, right? There could be a series of list-able reasons in favor of

Life Insurance for Step Children: Yes or No?

  Re-marriage, divorce, separation, LGBT relationship, re-coupling, living together, dating and being alone—these are all strong trends when it comes to the American family ties. Though it might sound rather critical for a society that we live in, the fact is, these are facts. Blended families are rising in number in the USA. Back in

[Answered] What Type of Life Insurance Should I Get?

I am often asked, “So, what type of life insurance should I get? That’s one of the generic questions pals ask me. I don’t usually give a direct answer to such questions. I wear a fake face: depending on who I am chatting to. Then, obviously but not always, I put forward some questions to

How Much Life Insurance Can I Buy?

When it comes to money, the more is always the merrier. This is no less true to life insurance benefit or coverage. A bigger coverage obviously means a safer future for your inheritors. And, you should ensure that you do arrange a safer future for your beloved ones through your life insurance policy. As life

Wonder How Pain and Life Insurance Go?

  Can life insurance and pain be interrelated? Perhaps, you have never asked yourself such a question. Though you may jump out of your skin if you hear your application for life insurance may come under minute scrutiny for pain, it is true. While you have often ignored your pain or have accustomed yourself to

Life Insurance Claims Process Explained

  If you are a beneficiary to a life insurance policy, you need to know how the life insurance claims process works. Because, the benefit will not generate automatically or only by your informing the insurer that the policyholder is no more. Or, if you are the policyholder, you need to have a clear idea

Tax on Life Insurance 6 Essential Questions Answered

  Is there tax on life insurance? – You may have wondered to know. Even if you have not, you should. Don’t credulously believe an agent if he says the policy you are planning to buy is tax-advantaged. While he may not be usually lying to you when he says so, he may not be

Decreasing Term Life Insurance or Not?

    What Is Decreasing Term Life Insurance? Decreasing term life insurance is yet another version of term life insurance. The idea of decreasing term life insurance can be pretty confusing for what you have always heard about life insurance. Generally, you know, insurers channel a gross amount of money to the beneficiaries when a

Does Increasing Term Life Insurance Make Sense?

  Falling into 5 categories, term life insurance policies are: annual renewable, level, return of premium, decreasing, and increasing terms. The last one is the least used. This discussion throws light on the latest on the list – increasing term life insurance. What Increasing Term Life Insurance Is You know there are more than a

These 3 Life Insurance Facts Will Change Your View

  Ever visited life insurance consumer sites? Then, you should have noticed how some people can be critical about life insurance. They say life insurance is all scam. Even if you have not read something like that, you may share the general negative attitude that many people cater to about life insurance. If you are

Variable Life Insurance: Its 6 Pros and 6 Cons

    Variable life insurance is one of your options when you want life insurance with added benefit. The extra benefit comes in the form of cash value or living benefit. Being of whole insurance genre, there is, of course, the essential death benefit too. So, variable life policy comes with two features—death benefit and

21 Life Insurance FAQs You Cannot Ignore

  Most people hate life insurance. But the most of the most purchase some type of life insurance when they reflect on their dependents’ future. It is the most easily available option they can finally think of and get. LIMRA, an industry watchdog, identifies lack of information to be the biggest reason for people’s not

Life Insurance for Smokers: the Pain and the Penalty

  As you are looking for information about life insurance for smokers, we have mixed news for you. For you, the good news is that you are lucky that you can get life insurance if you are a smoker. But the not-so-good news is that the cost will be a lot higher than that of

Challenges of Life Insurance for Over 50 People

  Calculations Gone Wrong?  Life is not a math. While looking back at it, you may find the picture different than you planned it to look like. It so may happen in your financial horizon, too. Oftentimes, the financial planning fails for circumstances that you did not foresee. As a result, now at 50s, you